Foggy headlights or mismatched headlights? We can help!

Before Photo of 1 new and 1 old/existing headlight after a collision repair.

The above image shows a car that was in for repairs and got a new passenger side headlight as part of a collision repair. The driver side headlight was not damaged and did not need replaced, but now there is a noticeable difference in the appearance of the 2 headlights. We can sand and reclear the old/existing headlight to a like new appearance. This will last much longer than buffing would. We offer this as a courtesy for our customers in this situation.


Photo after sanding and reclearing the old/existing driver side headlight.

The above image shows the old/existing headlight on the drivers side that has been sanded and recleared. It looks much better beside the new headlight now. Some PA State Inspection stations have been getting pickier about passing a vehicle for inspection if they feel the headlights are too foggy. We now offer sanding and reclearing of headlights for $100. so if you have mismatched headlights, foggy headlights that will not pass inspection, or just headlights that you do not like how they look, then give us a call.

Here is a video for you to see how we do it.